Inspecting for Cracks in the Foundation

One way in order to check for problems in the structure is to examine every corner of the window and door frames with a tool called carpenter’s square. If they are not square, it could basically be because there has been structural movement down under. Be conscious that improper installation of your door or window could end up not being square in the corners. As a matter of fact, if only one door or window is not square, this is most likely the cause since the structural movement would probably affect more than one frame.

You can also inspect for uneven floorings by putting a marble on the flooring and look if it rolls. Slightly uneven floor is not usually bad news however, some foundations are engineered to ride the flow of the soil similar way the ship sails through the waves. The buildings with these kinds of foundations should not often be perfectly even all the time however, if the flooring has slope in more than one portion then, you must have it inspected by the professional foundation repair Euless TX.

When there is structural movement, it may end up in the cracking of the foundation and these cracks may at least indicate the location as well as the direction of the force, which has caused them. A V-shaped crack could mean an upward moving pressure. An upward moving force may happen when the land expands and when the moisture level has risen in the earth beneath the foundations, sidewalks, patios and driveways. On the other hand, the float walls are actually built into structural basements standing in the expansive soil and this float wall is definitely designed in order to contract and expand with the soil

movement. When the walls are already rigid, the pressure of the expanding soil may push on them as well as damage the floorings above.

Downward Force

A downward pressure will form a vertical crack that is bigger below than the top part and the pressure usually originates from the subsidence of the soil which is located under the foundation of the building. In addition to that, the structure may also be impaired by the inward and outward force. The horizontal cracks are actually not that serious however, when the surface that is above or even below the cracks has been forced outside or inside, there could be some issues. Outward or inward pressure may be the result of the vehicle traffic which is too near to the foundation, pressure of moving earth as well as water, or improper backfill.

If you can identify the source and the direction of the force that has caused all the cracks, then it will be easier to locate the source. However, if the problem is hidden though, it may be very difficult to recognize and some costly repairs as the walls, ceilings and the floors should need to be opened in order to reveal the problem. It is also, very possible that you will not be aware that there is any problem until the structure itself suddenly fails.


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